Italian Restaurant Line

" " is our own created word embodied all our passion and vision for this Italian stylish restaurant. It suggests a hint of "home", "comfort", "frequent", "life" and "energy", which is nothing pretentious but simply representing what we believe and provide is the best elegantly casual dining with a metropolitan’s class and ambience.

Mission of :
To become a LEADER in the coffee business of top quality, original creativity and stylistic character, cultivating a unique and passionate culture.

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This casual neighbourhood dining concept offers the best of . Under the warm, comfortable setting, we offer our customers a vibrant menu featuring all time favourites, classics breakfasts with a twist, and healthy and delicious beverages that excite the mind and delight the palate. Be it adults, young couples or even children, there is always something for everyone - ALL DAY.
Bound together by our impeccable attention to detail, commitment to great service and the creation of delicious, wholesome food, all day is the perfect gathering place for nearby residents, office workers and passers-by alike.


Following sustained acclamation of , the group introduced the table, its casual and more sophisticated gourmet cafe-restaurant counterpart. The idea is to offer a venue for customers to fully immerse in the experience while soaking in an enchanting bistro environment where they could enjoy simple, comfort dishes.

The unveiling of the table brings exciting touches in food and beverages as well as ambience. The chic yet relaxing contemporary interior design highlighted by a charming coffee bar area, with the energetic dining space and its careful accents, underline the group’s commitment in delivering the finest dining experience to guests.


incorporates Italians’ passion for life, food, and drinks into our service philosophy and strives to create a warm and welcoming “home” outside of your home. We consider every prestige customer in the neighbourhood a good friend and we greet each one of them with utmost pleasure and care. Whether it is a quick stop before going to your office, or a leisure afternoon on a Sunday, or an evening to unwind and relax, puts the essence of life back into its place.


Japanese Restaurant Line





Suzuki Café Company was established in 1980 by Japanese coffee master in Japan. The brand, Suzuki, has been a huge success because of its irresistible aroma home-bake coffee beans. In 2003, Suzuki Café arrived Hong Kong bring the expertise and passion on both food and coffee from Japan. The arrival brought a massive impact to local cafes. Suzuki Café has an extraordinary style of deco, giving a smart young and casual ambience. Food is also spectacular. The menu is specially designed to offer fresh and seasonal western cuisine, infusing the culinary style from Roppongi and Otomasando. Chefs create their own menus too and give guests a taste of specialty. Dining at Suzuki Café is definitely a nice and pleasant experience.

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